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StagePrompt Theatre

Current StagePrompt multi screen software titles are StagePrompt Worship , StagePrompt Theatre and StagePrompt Orchestral.

All three titles can display different information on up to 10 display screens (channels), each of the 10 display channels can then be slaved off to any number of screens, so for example you may have 5 screens showing display channel 1, and 4 screens showing display channel 2 , and 8 screens showing display channel 3 etc etc.

Obviously for each display channel, you need a video card in the computer, for 10 channels you would normally install 2 x quad graphics cards and 1 x dual graphics card, this provides the 10 channels.

Ten is the practical limit for one computer, but you can have more than one computer if more channels are required.

Controlling StagePrompt:
StagePrompt and the display channels can be controlled by many methods: The computer keyboard, the computer mouse, touch screen display monitors, footswitches or even hand gestures.

Hand Guestures: This method of controlling the display channels is accomplished by proximity detectors, the detectors detect any object in front of the detector ( up to 100mm or 4”away ), the detectors can be placed anywhere, but are generally placed at the left and right of a display screen. So in practical terms the musician can turn the page of their music, by simply moving their hand near the right hand side of their display screen, as well as turning pages back by moving their hand near the left of the screen.

If any kind of audio track is being used, the display screens can be controlled automatically by a method called “ Tap Timing”, this is where the operator has preset the display screens the change or advance, synchronised to the audio track.

StagePrompt Theatre:
This title is generally used by theatre’s, operatic societies and amateur dramatic groups, where for example, the first display channel is used by the Stage Manager, the second, third and fourth display channels are used by the Actors, the fifth display channel is used by the lighting man and the sixth display channel is used by the sound man.

Each channel showing the information the user needs to see. In this example the display channels may display:-

Display Channel 1: All prompts required to control the show and to instruct other production personnel

Display Channel 2,3 and 4: Actors lines, Each actor can have their own display channel or one channel shows each actors lines in different coloured text

Display Channel 5: Instruction for the Lighting control person

Display Channel 6: Instruction for the Sound control person

The content displayed on each channel is simple text files, so the user creates whatever they want to display.

The displays advance line by line or page by page. The displays can be advanced manually using the keyboard, a footswitch or hand gestures, or the displays can be advanced automatically, synchronised to any audio track, such as a backing track or a click track.