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StagePrompt Pro


StagePrompt Pro:
This title has ALL the features of StagePrompt Lite ( please see the Lite version page ) plus a whole bunch more:

Multiple scrolling methods,
Highlighted scrolling, where the current line of the song is highlighted.
Box scrolling, where the current line of the song scrolls up into an outline box.
Page scrolling, where the whole or part page changes, so you can scroll verse at a time for example.
Smooth scrolling, where the chords and lyrics move smoothly up the screen at a predetermined speed.

Three 30 song playlists, This very powerful feature allows you to create playlists that load the next song automatically when you finish the current song, you can also set the songs to AutoStart”, so that the next song automatically loads and starts, thus making up to 30 song medleys possible.
You can temporarily deviate from your playlist to play a requested song, then return to where you were in your playlist.


Do you have Audience or Congregation participation ?
Stageprompt Pro can display two different screens. The display seen by the congregation/audience is just the song or hymn lyrics and or music, they do not see any controls or menu’s. In breaks between songs, the congregation/audience screen(s) can show any pictures or information you want.

Your musicians can display the chords and lyrics on their screen, while the congregation/Audience see only the lyrics.

Free Upload/Download facility, This facility allows you to both upload and download songs ( with or without backing tracks )
to and from the StagePrompt website.

Quick selection buttons, 240 assignable buttons, assign any song to a button, to quickly and easily select that song.

Easy to use song filter, Filter the list of songs, by entering a few letter of the Artist or Title of the song using the mouse or the touchscreen keyboard.

Here is a screen shot of the song list filter. You can see I have put the letters “EA” in the filter box, so only artists with the letters “EA” in the artist name are shown.

Any number of databases, Think of a database as your collection of songs, you can have as many databases as you wish.
So you might have a database for when playing solo gigs ( and use backing tracks )
Maybe a second database for when you play in a duo ( using only drums and bass backing )
Maybe a third database for when you play in a 5 man band and don’t use backing tracks.

Guitar chord fingering, Optionally display the fingering positions for all the chords in the current song along the bottom
of the screen

Controlling StagePrompt:- StagePrompt can be controlled by many methods:- The computer keyboard, the computer mouse, touch screen display monitors, footswitches, remote control .

StagePrompt can also be operated with a USB triple or single footswitch

StagePrompt Pro can also be operated with a wireless hand held POWERPOINT presentation device

StagePrompt Pro can also be operated with a bluetooth wireless number pad, with the wireless number pad, when using PAGE SCROLLING, you can instantly select any one of 20 pages of your chosen song.

Controlling StagePrompt by Midi Messages and/or your Ipad:- StagePrompt Pro can also be controlled by Midi Messages sent from any equipment or computer capable of sending midi messages, This can also be achieved over WiFi, so you can control StagePrompt Pro with your Ipad using one of many Midi Controller Apps. See the help files within StagePrompt Pro or look at the forum within this website.

If any kind of audio track is being used, the display screens can be controlled automatically by a method called “ Synchronisation”, this is where the operator has preset the display screen to change or advance, synchronised to the audio track
( Pro version only )

Because StagePrompt uses simple text files and common audio files you do not have to pay each time you want a new song.

Using a triple usb footswitch or a remote control, you can play an entire gig without touching the computer keyboard or mouse, this means your pc can be out of sight and you simply have a monitor screen in front of you, and you can of course build the monitor screen into what looks like a fold back speaker box.

With StagePrompt you have total control over your gig, look and sound more professional.

Both StagePrompt Pro and StagePrompt Lite can be downloaded from this site free of charge. Use either fully working download to try before you buy, then decide if you wish to purchase.

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