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StagePrompt Lite


StagePrompt Lite:
This title is the cheapest and simplest version of StagePrompt, the displayed content is usually chords and lyrics or just lyrics (but may well be a speech or a list of jokes or whatever).

Remember the displayed content is just a text file, so you don’t buy them, you create or download them.

So for example:- A musician wants to have “Yesterday” by the Beatles in his collection of song that he plays, he simply downloads the chords and lyrics from the web ( there are thousands of sites that you can get chords and lyrics free for almost any song ).
He/She then may edit or rearrange the chords or lyrics to suit there taste, set font sizes and colours, then they simply put the RTF text file in the appropriate StagePrompt folder. The file maybe called “yesterday.rtf” for example.

If they wish to use a backing track for the same song, they would then download an appropriate audio file ( mp3, wav, wma or midi files ). Again there are thousands of sites that you can get audio and backing tracks for free for almost any song.
Then they would make sure the audio file has the same name as the text file, so in our example we would name our backing track as “yesterday.mp3” or “yesterday.mid” , and place it in the same folder as the text file.

That’s it job done !

Now when the user runs StagePrompt Lite “Yesterday” will be in his/her list of songs, he/she simply selects that song and sets the speed at which they want it to scroll up the computer screen. The speed setting is only set once, it is remembered for each song.

He/she then starts the song, if there is a backing track it will start and the displayed chords and lyrics will scroll.
If required the scrolling can be paused and restarted using the keyboard, the mouse, a touchscreen, a remote control, a footswitch or hand gestures.

Other features of StagePrompt lite are:

RTF tools, With this you can transpose the chords in your text file and set font size and colour and set the background colour,
and has user defined templates to easily set up your text file as you like it.

Background music player, use in between sets, background music automatically fades when you start to play a song.

Pseudo playlist, Name your songs so that they appear in the StagePrompt list in the order you want to play the songs

Guitar Chord fingering chart

Because StagePrompt uses simple text files and common audio files you do not have to pay each time you want a new song.

Using a triple usb footswitch or a triple gesture sensor or a remote control, you can play an entire gig without touching the computer keyboard or mouse, this means your pc can be out of site and you simply have a monitor screen in front of you, and you can of course build the monitor screen into what looks like a fold back speaker box.

With StagePrompt you have total control over your gig, look and sound more professional.

Both StagePrompt Pro and StagePrompt Lite can be downloaded from this site free of charge. Use either fully working version, Try before you buy then decide if you wish to purchase.

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