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Singers and Vocalists

Perhaps you are a solo act, singing to backing tracks, or maybe you are the lead singer in a band, whatever your situation, you will occasionally forget some lyrics.

As the video’s below are hosted by DailyMotion website, you might be subjected to a few seconds of an advert, we don’t like this, but there is nothing we can do about it.

The scrolling may seem a little jerky, this is because the computer was working overtime both displaying the song and capturing the screen video. On your computer the scrolling will be perfectly smooth.

StagePrompt Pro scrolling “Simple and BIG layout.

Stageprompt, use with or without backing tracks.

StagePrompt Lite and StagePrompt Pro is perfect for you:-:

Put very simply, StagePrompt will display your lyrics ( any font size and colour ), and will scroll the lyrics on a computer screen ( tablet, laptop, computer monitor ), and if using backing tracks then the displayed lyrics are syncronised to the backing track.

It is important to know that StagePrompt uses simple text files and optionally your existing backing tracks ( mp3, wav, wma, mid ), so you can enter any songs you want.

There are many ways to control scrolling, a keyboard/mouse, a footswitch, a remote control, touch screen laptops or tablets or even buttons on your mike stand.

If you are not using backing tracks;-
You simply set a scrolling speed ( this is stored for each song ), and you simply pause scrolling when appropriate.
( If you set the scrolling speed accurately, you rarely need to pause scrolling )
Alternatively, you can advance the display a section at a time, perhaps verse by verse.
Using playlists your next song will load automatically.

If you are using backing tracks:-
You will find StagePrompt software invaluable. You may simply want to use StagePrompt to play your backing tracks in a convenient easy to use method, or you may want to also display your lyrics.
With StagePrompt Pro you can “SYNCRONISE” your lyrics to the backing track, this means that the current line in your song is highlighted, so when you glance at the screen you know exactly where you are.
With either a triple footswitch or a small control on your mike stand you can do an entire gig without even touching the computer.
If you are using the playlist feature, you can deviate from your preset playlist and sing/play a request then automatically return to your playist.

Solo singer using backing tracks:-
Imagine this, you have a computer monitor about 1 meter in front of you on stage, this can be built into a foldback speaker box or simply camouflaged by a cover. You have a toggle switch and a button on your mike stand, and your computer is hidden backstage. All the audience sees is you and your mike stand.
With the two controls on the mike stand ( or a triple footswitch) you can do the following:-

Select and load any song, quickly and easily.
Start the backing track and the lyrics scrolling.
Control the volume of the backing track
And remember if you are using a playlist then the next song loads automatically, so all you do is press the start button on your mike stand or press the footswitch

Both the Lite and Pro versions have a built in “Background Music Player”, this feature plays in random order any background music you want, when you start a song to sing, the background music automatically fades.

StagePrompt Lite for Vocalists and Singers.