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Equipment and Hardware

The Stageprompt Family of software can be controlled in many ways:-

When putting new songs into the system or perhaps setting up your playlists, you will use the computer keyboard and mouse.

When you are using StagePrompt to do a gig, or to play your instrument to a backing track and/or to scroll the lyrics to a song, all the function needed are accomplished with just three keyboard keys, or with the mouse.

Those three commands can also be done with the following:-

Using a touchscreen computer

A triple usb footswitch:-

These are available on Ebay for approx £19

A wireless remote control:-

These are available on Ebay for approx £7, these are made for use with powerpoint and usually incorporate a laser pointer, with StagePrompt you will not use the laser pointer, but ensure you get a remote with at least 3 buttons ( the keystrokes needed are Space, Page Up and Page Down ).

Mike Stand Controller:-

This is a small control that clips onto your mike stand and plugs into the PC by USB, it consists of a two way toggle switch and a button, it is approx half the size of a cigarette pack, these are available from StagePrompt.

Gesture Bar:-

This is a thin plastic bar that you fix along the top of a computer monitor screen, the bar contains three sensors, by simply moving your hand over the sensors, each of the three commands can be issued. The Gesture Bar is available from StagePrompt.

With the three commands mentioned above you can:-

Select and display any song you have put into the system

Start the backing track for the song and start the display scrolling

Return to the list of songs or quickfind buttons, to select another song

Adjust the volume of the backing track

“Deviate” from your playlist to play an alternative or requested song

Stop and Start Background music

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