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About Us

There are currently 2 titles in the StagePrompt Family:-

StagePrompt Lite
StagePrompt Pro

The software now known as “StagePrompt Pro” and “Stage Prompt Lite” started life in 2004 as “Music Scroller”. This was created by a musician, as there was nothing on the market that would display chords and lyrics on his personal computer, and move the chords and lyrics up the screen at the appropriate time.

As time went by, other stage performers such as comedians, vocalists, speech makers etc, started to use the software for their stage performances, as the name “Music Scroller” suggested it was only for music, the software was renamed as “Auto-Cue Pro” and “Auto-Cue Lite”.

In 2012 it was realised that there was possibly some confusion between “Auto-Cue” and another company called “Autocue”, the other company specialises in teleprompter software, mainly for use by people presenting to camera, such as news readers and broadcasters. So “Auto-Cue Pro” and “Auto-Cue Lite” were re-branded as “StagePrompt Pro” and “StagePrompt Lite”

StagePrompt software is used throughout the world. Language is not a barrier as the displayed content can be in any language.

StagePrompt is suitable for everyone from the novice learning to play guitar in his/her bedroom, through gigging musicians and bands, stage performers of any kind, churches and worship groups.

There are many ways to control StagePrompt software, using the pc keyboard, the pc mouse, a touchscreen monitor, a wireless remote control, a triple usb footswitch.

Stageprompt Pro, has the facility to show a different screen to the Audience or Congregation than the musicians screen. While the musicians screen can show the chords and lyrics, the Audience/Congregation screen can show only the lyrics.

StagePrompt “ Don’t go on stage without it “

Key Features

  • Includes demo songs ready to play.
  • Hundreds more songs on the StagePrompt website for FREE download. And direct links to websites with thousands of Free mp3 backing tracks, and sites with thousands of Free song chords & lyrics.
  • Touch Screen capable and Footswitch control.
  • Backing tracks can be mp3, wma, wav, midi.
  • Display document is RTF files, easily created with Word or Wordpad.
  • Multiple scrolling methods.
  • One click transpose of song chords from any key to any key.
  • Displays and scrolls- Chords and Lyrics, manuscript notation, tabs, images etc.
  • Playlist feature, 3 x 30 song playlists (sequential auto loading).
  • 240 User Defined Quick Find buttons.
  • Multiple Databases ( one for each line up, solo, duo, band ).
  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7/ 8 or 10, 32 and 64 bit.
  • Quick and Easy search for titles and/or artists.
  • Guitar chord fingering can be displayed during scrolling.
  • Built in guitar and keyboard chord fingering library.
  • Just connect the audio out from your PC to your audio system. And control backing track volume with a triple usb footswitch.
  • Your choice of Background music, played between gig sets.


StagePrompt is so versatile, you can easily create as many databases for your songs as you like.

This means for example you can have a database of songs for when you Solo gig ( IE: using full backing tracks).

A second database with songs for when you playing in a Duo perhaps using backing tracks with just Bass and Drums.

A third database with songs for when you playing in a full band and don’t use backing tracks.

Each database can use separate folders for the scrolling text and separate folders for the backing tracks.

Each database has 3 x 30 song user defined playlists

Each Database has 240 Quick find song buttons.

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