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Remote Control of StagePrompt Pro .

StagePrompt Pro scrolling “Sex on Fire”.

StagePrompt Pro scrolling “Simple and BIG layout.

StagePrompt Pro for churches and religion.

Transposing Chords and song RTF Tools in StagePrompt Pro.

Use of Playlists and Quick song selection buttons.

Stageprompt for churches and religion.

Overview of some of the features in StagePrompt Pro.

Richard Wright in practice with StagePrompt Lite.

Presentation of StagePrompt Pro by Dave Scott.

StagePrompt Pro Presentation By Dave Lea.

Set up a song to use HIGHLIGHTED scrolling in Stageprompt Pro.

Set up a song to use SMOOTH scrolling in Stageprompt Pro.

Video’s and Pictures on audience screens.

StagePrompt Pro scrolling “I Predict a Riot”.

Playling medley’s with StagePrompt Pro.

Set Stageprompt to run with Administrator rights.

StagePrompt Pro scrolling “Jonny B Goode”.

Stageprompt, use with or without backing tracks.

How to enter a new song into StagePrompt Pro.

Various scrolling methods in StagePrompt Pro.

The musicians stage prompter.

How to prepare an RTF file ( Text File ) for use with StagePrompt Pro

How to create a new database for use with StagePrompt Pro

StagePrompt Lite for Vocalists and Singers.

YES!!! Even Elton John uses Stage Prompt software.

StagePrompt Pro scrolling “How to set up Smooth scrolling with an outline box”.

StagePrompt Pro scrolling “How to set up PAGE scrolling”.