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Scroll music & lyrics on Windows & Mac Desktops, Laptops or Tablets. Optionally sync standard text files with any audio file or backing track.

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  • Sync and scroll any text file to any audio file, play any song you want.

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What is StagePrompt Pro ?

Hi, I am David, I wrote Stageprompt, I am just one man, not a large company, so please forgive me if your emails are not answered instantly, I too have a life and sometimes I escape from my computer keyboard.

In simple terms StagePrompt Pro displays your text files ( with lyrics or chords and lyrics ) and scrolls the display on ANY windows based computer, laptop or tablet, The scrolling can be synchronized to any audio file, such as a backing track.

With StagePrompt Pro, you can have the chords and lyrics on the primary screen ( for the musicians ) and only the lyrics on an extended screen for the audience or congregation. Stageprompt can be totally controlled using a cheap triple footswitch.

Stageprompt Pro is absolutely free to download and is free to use. The totally free version allows you to have up to 30 songs in Stagepompt.  If you then like stageprompt  and want to be able to enter unlimited songs, an activation code is purchased for £49.99 or just carry on using the free version forever.

Go ahead download and install Stageprompt Pro ( it comes ready loaded with some songs ), what have you got to loose ?.

There are many video demo’s, click on the ” Demo Videos” link at the top of the page.

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